The individual signed below has submitted a rental application to us.


1st Class Property Management, Inc.

620 Bypass Dr.

Clearwater, FL  33764

phone#: (727) 797-7500

fax#: (727) 725-8466


Please provide the information requested and fax this form back to our office at:  (727) 725-8466


Thank you for your prompt response and no fax cover sheet required.


Name of Applicant (please print) ___________________________________________________________


I hereby authorize release of the information requested below for my rental address at:






Applicant’s Signature                                                                         Date



Please note if the applicant is a         o current resident or a                        o past resident at your community.



Move-In Date: ______________________________ Lease Ending Date: __________________________


Amount of Rent: $ ___________________________ Name of Community:  ________________________


# of Late Payments: __________________________ # of NSF checks: ____________________________



Has Proper Notice Been Given?                                                                                                        o YES o NO


Is there currently any past due amount owed on the resident’s account?                                o YES o NO


Has the resident complied with all community policies?                                                               o YES o NO


Has the resident caused any disruptions in the community or neighbors?                               o YES o NO  


Does this resident keep an animal on the premises?                                                                      o YES o NO


Has the animal at any time caused a problem or been a nuisance?                                             o YES o NO


Have legal proceedings ever been filed on this resident?                                                             o YES o NO


Is resident eligible for re-rental?                                                                                                        o YES    o NO




Signature of Property Manager / Authorized Person                                                    Date
Available Properties                                                                    Verification of Employment